Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services for Vergennes VTDr. Anja Wurm’s focus is on preventative medicine: comprehensive physical exams are the mainstay of our practice’s veterinary services. From there she decides which vaccines, if any, are necessary as well as which diagnostic tests would be fitting.

Sick animals can very often be treated at home and we will work with you to accomplish this. If the illness is serious enough to warrant hospitalization Dr. Wurm will refer you to the appropriate animal hospital and work together with the veterinarian there to treat your ailing dog, cat or other sick pet.

Minor surgeries such as lacerations and abscesses may be able to be managed at home.

Behavioral problems are great to handle at home where the environment can be studied and where the problem can often times be seen first hand.  

Hospice careThe goal of hospice care is to provide medical and palliative (pain relieving or comfort giving) care of animals, mostly pets near the end of their lives. It also includes counseling for owners; how to evaluate your pets quality of life and how best to provide compassionate care and make plans, if needed, for euthanasia. 

When the times comes for euthanasia Dr. Wurm will come to your home and take the time and space needed to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible for everyone.   Being in the privacy and comfort of your own home makes this very difficult time a bit easier.  If you elect cremation Dr. Wurm can transport your pet for you for an additional fee.  

Dr. Wurm will care for your dogs, cats, small mammals and backyard chickens.

Appointments are available between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday, one evening a week and one Saturday a month.  

Veterinary Services & House Calls for the Vergennes & Middlebury Vermont Area, as well as greater Addison County and Southern Chittenden County Vermont

Service Area: We routinely travel up to 20 miles or 30 minutes from Vergennes, Vermont. Visits outside this area may be possible with prior arrangement for an additional fee. 

Pricing: Most of your costs for a veterinary services house call will be similar to a visit to a stationary practice. There is an additional house call fee that you pay for Dr. Wurm to come and see your pet for veterinary services in your home. This fee is $40 for visits within 30 minutes of Vergennes, Vermont.   Exams vary from $50-75 depending on the circumstances and time involved.  Euthanasias are an all inclusive fee covering the housecall, assessment, materials, sedation and the euthanasia.  The fee starts at $175 depending on the weight of your pet and your location.  Cremation and transport can also be arranged for your convenience, for an extra fee.