Online Veterinary Pharmacy


Shop Our Online Veterinary PharmacyWe have chosen to have an online veterinary pharmacy to improve our inventory while making sure our clients get the products they need from a trustworthy source.  Vets First Choice has received numerous accolades for their customer service and truly strive to make purchasing online as simple as possible.

They will be handling much of our compounded medications. These are medications that are made specifically for your pet. The proper dose is ensured and they are much easier to give to your pet because they are flavored and then made into liquids or chewable.  Less stress for everyone!

The Care Cabinet – Your Pet’s Medications & Prescriptions

The “Care Cabinet” is the place Dr. Wurm can put the medications & prescriptions that you have discussed during your pet’s appointment.  That way you do not have to remember what she recommended, or search through pages to find them.

The prices are competitive and by using autoship there is free shipping.  This means you can have your pets medication or food sent to your home as frequently as you need it.  For free.

This pharmacy is in no way meant to replace what Dr. Wurm carries with her on a daily basis.  It is only meant as a supplement. Rest assured, the medications your pet needs to have on the day they are seen, will be in Dr. Wurm’s bag.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Online Veterinary Phamacy