Veterinary Links

Veterinary and home vet care links to online information about anHome Vet Care Linksimal health you can trust:

General Pet Illnesses: general info has great information about illness in all companion animals.

Cat Nutrition & Dietary info in-depth information about cat nutrition. Many of my clients will hear me refer to the cat food lady. This is her page.


Cat Behavior

The Indoor Pet Initiative at OSU is a great website for people with indoor cats.  It provides explanations about normal cat behavior and how to enrich your cats environment. A happy, un-stressed kitty is much less likely to have behavioral problems. 

Feline Diabetes info a great site to visit if you cat has been diagnosed with diabetes.  Filled with tips, support and information.

Puppy Training in a Week!

Dr. Sophia Yin: animal behaviorist and advocate.  Her book Perfect Puppy in 7 days is a wonderful way to start a relationship with your new puppy and her website is full of short, free training videos addressing common behavioral problems.  Sadly, in September of 2014 Dr. Yin passed away.  The veterinary field lost a shining light but we can honor her work by continuing to practice what she taught.  

Pet Loss Support

Pet Loss Support Line:  The loss of a pet can be much harder then we ever imagined.  This hotline, staffed by volunteers at Tufts Veterinary School, is there to listen.  If you, or someone you know, is having trouble coping after the loss of a loved creature, please call this number: (508) 839-7966.